Working with an Authentic Property Manager, Candice Cather

The owner and chief manager of STG Rentals is Candice Cather, whose most fundamental business axiom is to provide the highest quality property management to owners, and the best possible living experience for residents of housing units under the care of STG. Her philosophy is that these two functions go hand-in-hand, since meticulously well-maintained units make both owners and residents happy, and provide the best value for all concerned.

A Proud Partner of Keller Williams

Candice has recently partnered with Keller Williams Real Estate, because that organization has the same philosophy regarding an organization being founded on trust, transparency, and honesty in all dealings. The national exposure of the Keller Williams brand provides greater visibility for the rental properties she manages, thus helping clients find the right residence, and keeping rental properties filled for owners.

Keller Williams St. George Utah

With the combined resources of these two real estate firms, St. George area owners and residents can have even greater confidence that properties will be immaculately maintained, and residents will be satisfied to the extent that retention is the norm.

Candice Cather’s roots in the St. George area go back to the year 2000, when she first discovered all that this area has to offer, and she began realizing that many others would want to take advantage of the excellent living conditions available here.

By 2005, she was managing commercial properties in the St. George region, and soon afterward, she broadened her practice to include residential properties as well. In all the time since then, her work, her own life experiences, and her interaction with the good people of the area have only cemented her commitment to St. George, and her love of this part of the country.

St. George is Home

While Candice is a dedicated professional, she is also extremely family-oriented and dedicated to her husband and children. Understanding the importance of a good home to the family unit, Candice goes out of her way to assist families with finding just the right place to call home in St. George. Always positive and upbeat, Candice helps to maintain her own irrepressible energy reserve by running the scenic trails in the area, and this helped her to complete the St. George Ironman Competition in 2010.

Candice brings that same energy level to her work, and she remains a tireless worker on behalf of all property owners and residents whom she represents. With the many years of experience provided by Candice Cather, and the universally known reputation for quality that Keller Williams adds to the mix, the very strongest real estate team in the St. George region is created.

Dixie Rock St. George Utah

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