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Date: November 23, 2016

Good Maintenance Request

Submitting a good maintenance request for your St. George, UT dwelling is the best way to ensure that any issue which needs attention can be handled in the fastest, most efficient manner by your rental property management. It is especially important that we have a clear understanding of the problem, in case it’s necessary to call in a skilled professional such as an electrician or a plumber. By following the guidelines below, you can be sure that your property maintenance issue will receive prompt attention, and that it will be resolved in the quickest way possible. If your request is an emergency and needs immediate attention, call anytime 877-247-8112 for emergency service!

Submit your maintenance request through AppFolio

AppFolio is the software used by residents to stay connected with the management team, so that all your concerns can be seen and addressed quickly, and a record of your request can be retained. When using AppFolio, you will be asked to provide information which is needed to handle the problem, so please fill out the form as fully as possible. By providing accurate information and good descriptions, the right kind of assistance can be allocated, and the time needed to act on your request can be minimized.

Here are the steps you should follow to submit your request:

  • 1. From your computer or mobile device, go to
  • 2. Enter your user ID and password. If you’ve forgotten either one of these, it will be necessary to contact management about retrieving them
  • 3. Select ‘Tenant’ after pressing the Login button at the upper right portion of the screen
  • 4. Click on the button for ‘Request Maintenance’. If you have any other active maintenance requests, they will be displayed on this screen.
  • 5. In the dialog box provided, type in a description of your maintenance issue, in 950 characters or less (Note: this is not 950 words, but 950 characters, which includes all letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces). Anything more than this limit will be truncated. Make sure to include the best time and the best method (phone, email, etc.), for a repair company and/or management to reach you, should there be any questions about your request.
  • 6. Take clear photos or a video which shows the problem you’re requesting maintenance for. If some kind of appliance or machine is involved, include the model number, serial number, and any specific information about it which would help maintenance work proceed faster. Once you’ve taken clear pictures of the situation, you can attach them to the Request for using the ‘Add Photo’ button.
  • 7. Select one of the 3 radio button responses for the question, “Do we have permission to enter the unit with our key?” Entry to the unit may be necessary, if no one will be at the residence when maintenance personnel arrive to do the work. Keep in mind that most service calls will be made during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or 6:00 p.m. for some repair companies), so arrangements must be made for a service person to enter the unit. If a call is made outside normal business hours, tenants will be charged for the service call.
  • 8. Press the ‘Submit’ button to submit your request.
  • 9. If you press the ‘Cancel’ button, you will be taken back to the Maintenance Request screen.
  • 10. Log out from the Maintenance application.

Other options on the Tenant Portal

Your Tenant Portal is intended to be your one-stop communication center for staying in touch with management, and you can use it for just about every kind of issue that might come up during your residency with us. When communicating via the Tenant Portal, a record of your specific type of contact is retained, so no issues ‘fall through the cracks’ and get lost – there is always an electronic record to refer to. This eliminates the possibility of a phone call or any kind of verbal exchange being forgotten, without resolution for your issue.

Here are some of the other options available to you through the Tenant Portal:

  • • Home – on the Home screen, your residence address will be displayed, along with your current rent balance due.
  • • Payments – the Payments screen will allow you to electronically pay your rent, or to set up an Autopay arrangement with us, so that your rent can be automatically deducted from your bank account. This will be to your advantage, so as to avoid any possible late fees. Also from this screen, you have the option of viewing your full Account Ledger, which will display your entire rent payment history.
  • • Shared Documents – on this screen, you’ll be able to select and view any documents that we have shared with you, which would be useful or necessary to your residency.
  • • Property Info – shows your resident address, and provides contact information for the real property management group.
  • • Account Profile – your email address is shown on this screen, as well as Contact Preferences such as an option to be reminded via email about recurring charges. From this screen, you will also be able to see your current password, and change it if you so desire.

If you do not see all the correct information that you believe should be displayed via the Tenant Portal, please update your contact information with management.

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