Working with an Authentic Property Manager

When property owners choose a management team to administer real estate for them, they are in essence, seeking someone who will look after the property with the same care and dedication as they would themselves. After all, a property manager is basically a proxy for the owner, and a stand-in who is meant to carry out all the same careful administration of real estate assets that the owner himself would.

For that reason, we conduct property inspection 90 days before lease renewal to help maintain and preserve the condition of the home. During these inspections, all homes are checked for a long list of maintenance items, as well as the overall condition of the home. If problems arise, the management company will contact you about these items.

Rental Property Keys

A big part of the relationship between property owners and STG Rentals is simple trust.

We are committed to providing the best care and management of each and every property under our charge, because we recognize that this superior commitment is what elevates us above other property management firms. We have a very simple rule of thumb for our approach to committed property management. Each decision we make, and each action we take is subjected to the same simple acceptance test – is this something the actual property owner would do? With this approach, all management processes end up being in the best interest of the owner, and are justifiable from that standpoint.

Even though we endeavor to maintain the highest level of transparency and visibility to our owner clients, you are encouraged to maintain contact to whatever degree you feel comfortable with. If you would like to check with us every day, by all means you should make regular use of the owner portal for doing so. But if you’d prefer to turn your attention to other business areas, you can certainly enjoy peace of mind from knowing that you have the most attentive and professional property management team in the region caring for your assets.

Owners who prefer to keep involved with their real estate assets will have an easy-to-use but sophisticated vehicle for staying in contact with STG Rentals, using our high-tech owner portal software. The software is called AppFolio, and it provides some tremendous benefits to you as a property owner, and to us as managers of your property.

Here are a few of the features you’ll enjoy from using this advanced technology:

Faster Payments – you can be paid faster every month with e-checks that can be made directly into your account

Monthly Statements – these can be sent to you as emails rather than wasteful hardcopy, so statements will arrive faster, and won’t be lost

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Quicker Response – maintenance requests can be handled much faster because contractors can be engaged more quickly, and electronic work orders are used to speed things up even more

Greater Market Reach – your properties will reach many more people with the increased online visibility of our listings

Resident Advantages – residents have their own portal in this software, which facilitates applications, maintenance requests, and payments, to keep the operation running smoothly.

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