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Searching for rentals in St. George has never been easier, just search through our database of quality listings below. If you're ready to start the application process just click on the red "Apply Now" button of the home you want to get started on.

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STG Rentals likes to offer our clients multiple options for busy lives. The homes listed below are prepped to be viewed on your own time. No chaperone needed, just sign in with your phone number and we can text you a keycode to go look at the home right now!


In terms of rental properties, the whole focus of STG Rentals as an organization is to help residents enjoy living in the St. George, UT area to the greatest extent possible. Having been based in the area for more than a decade, STG Rentals personnel have a keen appreciation for everything the area has to offer, and we would like to have newer residents to the area experience all that as well.

It begins with your very first STG contact, by phone, by email, or any other form of contact. That’s when you start receiving the kind of personalized service that makes you feel like a valued client, and not just a number on a balance sheet somewhere. Whether it be townhomes for rent or other homes for rent, you can be confident that we will provide you with a residence which best suits the needs of your family, and will be someplace you can be proud to call home.

While you’re with us, you can expect top-notch support whenever maintenance or other services are needed, and we make it a point to always keep our doors open, and our ears ready to listen. We welcome suggestions on how to make our service better, and how to make your living experience more enjoyable. While we recognize that there simply won’t be a solution for every problem, we try our best to maintain a workable balance between our valued tenants and property owners.


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